About our blog

In “About Us,” we introduced ourselves and told you about us and Okiko Office Supplies. I wrote “We trying to share our thoughts, and ideas and work on Office Health. “

How we will do this is to write about a wide range of things: Our favorite healthy recipes (the best way to stay healthy is to eat healthy!), simple health tips to do and follow around the office that will help reduce illness (such as the most obvious – hand washing), reducing germ transmission and infection through simple acts such as keyboard cleaning (and the products to use), general health tips (such as getting your flu vaccinations),  tips for exercise that you can do in the office and lots of other things!

We called the blog “Pressed From All Sides – Pressed to Prevent” because it is about being busy and “pressed for time”, needing to stay healthy and productive when sick co-workers are “pressing in” around you and all the challenges that press us for attention.

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