Stressed out? You are the Stress and the Stressor.

Stress is the social and psychological pressure to do too much and to do things you don’t really want to do.

Some pressure is required by life and some pushes us for greater creativity.  But when pressure pushes you out of your comfort zone it takes a toll on your physical health and emotional well-being.

Stress and stressors are health concerns because they affect your body inside and out more than you may realize.  They will affect your thought process, feelings and your behavior -which may lead to headaches, chest tightness or even high blood pressure.  Stress can make you feel anxious, irritable, edgy,   jumpy, fearful, impatient, fuzzy or tired. People around you may start to notice your mood changes from your emotional outbursts, weight gain due to overeating, depression and calling in sick to work.

If you are stressed out, you are not alone. Our fast paced world is not going to change — but it will get even busier with information overload. The workplace environment is no longer on solid ground but on shifting sand! All our home lives are very demanding and the stressors of everyday life are pressing on you from all sides.

But you can change the way you react to these environmental stressors by changing your lifestyle and diet.

If you allow stress to dominate your life, it will become chronic stress. This is when the body secretes stress hormones, called cortisol, almost all the time. When this hormone is secreted for a long period of time, they stop protecting you and instead start to damage the body.  Elevated cortisol is toxic to brain cells. Elevated cortisol also increases blood sugar and insulin levels – eventually leading to belly fat. People with belly fat have low energy levels and are likely to develop diabetes.

Chronically high levels of cortisol lowers DHEA, another hormone that helps you maintain youthfulness and also resist stress.

Stress does not have to dominate your life.  The stress solution of diet and lifestyle changes may help improve your resistance to stress and stressors.

THAT solution is what I talk about week by week here in my blog! That is what my whole blog is all about!

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