Only Bending Knees Shall Walk

Only Bending Knees Shall Walk – Improve joint Health with Daily Self Care

 Some of us get out of bed every morning with ease but for some of us, with back, bone and joint pain, it is an agony.

 Joint pain is caused by many factors.  Diseases like cancer, osteoporosis (weak bones), age, race or previous surgeries all can cause or contribute to pain. And with a serious disease such as osteoporosis, the result can be falls, broken bones and surgery.

You can avoid the body shop of pins, nails, screws and rods by improving the working order of the joints with daily self care.

Stretching daily and every day helps to improve flexibility and avoid injuries to the joints.

In addition to daily stretching, choose the right exercises. Avoid the constant pounding, fast starting-stopping motions, jumping and twisting, running too fast and stopping suddenly that wear out joints.

Instead choose exercise that that are low-impact on the joints such as walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week, for better bone health. Walking is an excellent form of exercise for joint health and for those with conditions like diabetes, asthma, heart disease and depression.

Control your weight with regular walking.  If you allow weight to become a big issue it will increase the force on your knees. Over time, you knees will wear down if you weigh more, simply from the increased forces on the weight-bearing cartilage.  Since all the bones of the skeleton are joined together; the extra weight will put strain on your back and on the discs in your spine.

Can you feel the pain now!

Take high quality vitamins and supplements daily to help support and maintain joint health. Vitamin D and K are the most important! Taking those help to lubricate, support and protect cartilage in your joints. But don’t neglect ALL the other minerals and vitamins that make for good joint and bone health (including Vitamin C).

If your joints are in bad shape – hot, swollen, popping, and cracking – and an every 3 month steroid shot is not giving you relief, seek a chiropractic care! Severe bone disease such as arthritis, disc problems or pinched nerves needs specialists in spine and joint problems. Visit them regularly to keep your spine moving properly.

Stay Healthy!

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