Fight Allergy the Herbal way

I first started getting interested in herbal remedies when my daughter was young and had asthma. I started giving her Chamomile tea with honey and warm water.

(In my native Nigeria, asthma is very uncommon!)

So you too may want to consider also using herbal allergy relief products along with an allergy relief air purifier to get the best relief from your allergy symptoms while avoiding man-made medications.

Chamomile makes a great herbal tea to help with asthma.

Many different types of ingredients are used in natural allergy relief products including honey and lemon juice, chamomile and yarrow. These ingredients are great for relaxing you and keeping your mind away from your allergy symptoms.

The natural allergy relief product helps soothe your allergy symptoms because it has anti-inflammatory properties that are relaxing and calming. Many people feel worried and fearful when they are having allergy symptoms and this product can help you calm down and stay calm, which makes your allergy symptoms easier to deal with.

Many people suffer from a variety of different food allergies, as well as allergies to things in their daily surroundings. Natural allergy relief products act as a pain reliever. They bring down swelling caused by allergies and help your itchy feelings go away so you can be comfortable.

A lot of people use allergy shots to treat their allergies but if they used a natural allergy relief product like honey and lemon juice, they would find their symptoms go away faster and they get more effective relief from their allergies. This is true for all types of allergies from pollen to food. If you are dependent on medications to treat your allergies, honey and lemon juice can help you stop using them and you will still feel better.

A lot of people who have asthma have found that a natural allergy relief product like honey and lemon juice is a big help to them. Allergies and asthma often go hand in hand. Honey in warm water can reduce swelling in the throat areas which will help relief the asthma symptoms.

No one wants to suffer with allergy symptoms; it can be sadness to suffer from allergies. That is why everyone is looking for a natural allergy relief product like honey and lemon juice that can work with other treatments to reduce allergy symptoms quickly and well. With a natural allergy relief product like honey and lemon juice, there are no worries about drug connections or dangerous side effects that can come with other types of medications. That is a great benefit to using a natural allergy relief product versus other medications.

Visit your local organic grocery store or farmers’ market – even a regular grocery or even Wal-Mart – to get these simple ingredients.

>>Need some good honey links!! Local honey, etc

My next post is going to be about local honey and allergies and other advantages of buying local!…

If you live in central, north or east Dallas, try the White Rock Local Market..

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