Summer and Food Poisoning

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Summer (yah!) and Food Poisoning (boo!)

We love summer because its ingredients are friends and family, food and fun.

And we hate food poisoning because it brings with it nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, poor appetite, lack of enjoyment and so on.

Your greatest defense against food poisoning and food contamination is proper hand washing. You can make it a safe summer, have fun with friends and family, enjoy cook out, a walk on the beach or mountain climbing – if you take the following  simple steps to ensure food safety.

  • ALWAYS wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after using the bathroom and especially after handling raw meat.
  • Pack raw food and ready-to-eat food in separate coolers or containers.
  • Cook or bake your hamburger / chicken to internal temperature of 160 degrees or above enough to kill harmful bacterial.
  • Chill and keep perishable food 40 degrees or below.  Your leftover food will become unsafe when left at 90 degrees for one hour or so.

These are the same precaustions you should always follow of course when at home, but are things that get neglected or cheated on when we are outdoors or on a picnic.

Remember frequent hand washing is you greatest weapon to fight germs – always, anytime and wherever you are.

Happy summer!

And we hope everyone had a SAFE & FUN Memorial Day!

Next blog will be about summer vacation without OTC medicines.

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