Eat a Whole Fish rather than the Huge Yellow Capsule

Do you *really * want to swallow this every day?

It is Whole Fish rather than the Huge Yellow Capsule that protects the heart.

It is better to consume the Fatty Dark Fish than to swallow the Huge Yellow Capsule.

The American heart Association tells us fish is good for us, because it is an excellent source for protein, less in saturated fat, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and above all it helps reduce heart problems.

A Bad Heart cannot not pump blood to and from the body, which means the body is not getting enough oxygen it need to stay active. As a result this will lead to a decrease of your energy level, weakness  and slowness;  you lack strength  to perform activity of daily living. With diminished oxygen levels, your body will constantly demand air all the times. – an element that is free but your body does not have the ability to use it.

A Bad Heart is as a result of many things — high sugar level in your blood—diabetes , oil particles floating on your bloodstream — cholesterol , hardening or weakness of the vessel that carries blood around body– blood pressure and other never-ending problems.

When these problems have high numbers above what they are supposed to be and remain high all the times, your heart will start to fail you.

Only you can stop your heart from weakening and help it to do the job of pumping blood around your body, providing enough oxygen that your body needs to stay active.

Eating fish will help reduce heart failure. And I mean eating the whole, real fish, not  the taking fish supplement, some  serum from fish or fish oil from fish . You got the point. Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in salmon, mackerel and other dark fatty fish will benefit you more than the synthetic man-made capsule found over the counter.

If you choice is the taking of omega-3 fatty acid capsule, say more than three per day, always seek your doctor’s advice —  because too many capsules can cause stomach bleeding!

You can choose to eat as much fish as you want but stay away from fish that contain high levels of mercury: farm raised, very big fishes and predatory fish.

I know some people hate the smell of fish, no matter how it has been prepared or cooked, but remember that the goal is the eating of fish will help you avoid heart decease and keep heart failure at bay. It is the whole fish, rather than the Omega-3 Fatty Acid capsule that provides heart protection. Taking a capsule will not give you the same benefits that come from eating whole fish.

Here is a GREAT RECIPE for a whole baked fish


send us YOUR favorite whole fish recipe (Thai Ginger Fish anyone???)

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