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Fight Allergy the Herbal way

I first started getting interested in herbal remedies when my daughter was young and had asthma. I started giving her Chamomile tea with honey and warm water. (In my native Nigeria, asthma is very uncommon!) So you too may want … Continue reading

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Water, Water, Everywhere – How Much of You is Water?

Can you imagine life without water? Of course not, because water is necessary to carry on life. Water is the body’s most important liquid and is vital for body system to function and stay alive. Although people can live several weeks … Continue reading

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Natural Remedies For Summer Travelers

There are many infections, some annoying, some life-threatening, that are more common in the summer and can cut into your summer adventured and pleasure. So, if you are from the United States visiting another area of the world on your … Continue reading

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Eat a Whole Fish rather than the Huge Yellow Capsule

It is Whole Fish rather than the Huge Yellow Capsule that protects the heart. It is better to consume the Fatty Dark Fish than to swallow the Huge Yellow Capsule. The American heart Association tells us fish is good for … Continue reading

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Summer and Food Poisoning

Summer (yah!) and Food Poisoning (boo!) We love summer because its ingredients are friends and family, food and fun. And we hate food poisoning because it brings with it nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, poor appetite, lack of enjoyment and so … Continue reading

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