Oops! Be Careful!

For Management:
Safety is something you learn from the start – Being accident free is doing your part.

Safety in the office is an executive priority. While it is every person’s job to work safely, it cannot be accomplished without the promotion and encouragement of you, the boss. Leading by example is a great way to get your employees working without injury. Many people think since they are in charge, the rules don’t apply to them. When the boss does not follow the rules, his or her employees do not feel the need to follow them either. So consider your employees as a delicate investment; you want to preserve their safety as much as possible.

Workplace and Office Safety

credit: Bennett ; Christian Science Monitor

To Employees:
Are you part of the safety TEAM…(Together Employees Accomplish More)

Employee safety in the office can feel time consuming or difficult. But if everyone works together, it is much easier than they would think. One great way to promote safety is by designating top employees as Safety Leaders. Safety Leaders get to be in charge!: checking in on other workers, quizzing them about safety, and making sure office safety procedures are being followed. Leaders can’t do everything – but it is nice to have help.  So if serious problems occur, going to designated leadership is fine and expected.

There is a reason there is an ENTIRE FEDERAL agency about Safety: called OSHA.. lots of good information here

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