May Your Office Chair Lead You Not to an Early Death

Office Heath
You may be at work sitting on a comfortable, well cushioned, arm chair that you never want to get out of it, focusing on a the computer and forgeting to even get up unless you have to go to the bathroom. To save time, you call a co-worker from the office phone. You decide to send an e-mail to your boss, even though he is right down the hall. Everything should be alright, but that is far from the truth.

The fact is, the more you sit in your chair, the higher the chance you are going to die early, whether you exercise regularly or not. Exercising is great and necessary, but that alone may not be good enough. With technology so handy these days, the majority of the developed world may be at risk. Even the time spent in your chair, you risk repetitive strain injury from simple mouse clicking and typing all day. You can also hurt yourself by improper posture and strain your eyes from constantly staring at the computer.

Most people do not even meet the minimum 30 minute moderate work out and do not even know how to squeeze that in the work day. To stay healthy it does not take a strenuous workout at the gym to achieve that.

Getting out of that comfy chair every once and awhile will already make a big difference. On top of a basic knowledge of how to properly exercise in the office with stretches, static workouts, and a healthy eating plan, it can turn things greatly for you.

If you like to know more about exercise in the office, here is a good link you can visit

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Your Priority must be your health.

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2 Responses to May Your Office Chair Lead You Not to an Early Death

  1. misspinkles says:

    that scared the crap outta me.

    must remember to do random stretches whist at work.

    • okikooffice says:

      Hi Miss Sprinkles! Love your blog! Do you want to know what is REALLY scary? FLYING without stretching! Always get out of your seat on long airplane flights & stretch!

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